2019 K4C Program Details

*Sunday, January 13th 4- 8PM* "Israel on Campus: How to Think Critically" & "Evolution of Israeli Culture, Society and Politics"


ELI SPERLING and RICH WALTER from the CENTER FOR ISRAEL EDUCATION in Atlanta will conduct interactive workshops on the following topics: 1) How to cultivate critical thinking skills relating to Israel's portrayal in the news and social media, 2) Review and discussion on a variety of primary sources from 1947-1949 to better understand the diversity of opinions regarding the creation of The State of Israel, and 3) Understanding Israeli society today through the lens of Israeli hip-hop music.

Evening includes break for dinner and social 

To learn more about Center For Israel Education, check out their website


*Sunday, March 3rd 4 - 6PM * "Navigating Difficult Situations" & "How to Have Productive Conversations"


CHLOE VALDARY, Jerusalem U's Brand Ambassoador & Shillman Fellow, will present her "Theory of Enchantment" - a creative way to navigate difficult situations and setting a framework for 

productive conversation about Israel.  Chloe will set the groundwork for better understanding of Israel society, and how young Jews can explore their Jewish identity within the Israel space.

Evening includes break and snack

To learn more about Chloe, check out these Videos:  Who Is Chloe

"Forever: An Ode to the People of Israel"

*Sunday, April 14th 6 - 8PM * "How and Why to Engage With Your Jewish Identity in College"


Teens will engage in conversation about Israel, and grapple with some of the challenges Israel and the Jewish people face today.  Representatives from campus Hillels, The OC Campus Hillel Israel Fellow and current college studnts will lead conversations about Jewish college life, engaging with Israel in college, anything else that is on their mind as they either start thinking of applying or are gearing up for accepting to their future college.  For any seniors, this can be an opportunity to have K4C connect you with current Hillel staff at your prospective college campus.   

Evening  includes break and snack


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